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Since 1978 GESPAP represents international manufacturers of the paper, cardboard, packaging, film, extrusion complex and fabric industry in the Spanish markets. Our experience of more than 30 years gives us a practical knowledge of the needs of transforming customers, current demands and market trends.

We offer our clients the opportunity to work with global suppliers with high standards, and our manufacturers the possibility of having a wide network of trusted clients. Gespap is in charge of the ordering process, ensuring regular orders from customers, collaboration with transport and logistics, payments on agreed terms and meeting the requests of manufacturers and customers.

Gespap has been collaborating with HIFYBER since 2020, a Turkish producer of nanofiber fabrics for masks, as well as for other sectors, such as healthcare, automotive, engines and turbines, HVAC, etc. The Covid19 crisis prompted us to look for an international producer of filter media for masks, in order to be able to supply our traditional customers who had purchased equipment for the production of masks.

HIFYBER produces an alternative technology for mask manufacturers, since the conventional material is meltblown, a fabric that loses its properties quickly, and which increases the cost of the masks. It is the most used because it is the easiest to manufacture and the oldest technology. However, HIFYBER decided to bring its knowledge of filtering nanofibers to the field of masks, creating a material with more filtering capacity than Meltblown, with more durability, and at a lower cost.

Another advantage that our producer HIFYBER offers is transportation time. While containers leaving China take 3-4 weeks to arrive, containers leaving Turkey take an average of one week. Before we even ship any containers, we ship free test coils by plane to speed up the testing and certification process. It is worth mentioning that HIFYBER has its own laboratory where it performs penetration tests on the masks of any client who sends them.

Thanks to this series of advantages that our clients have valued highly, we have been able to become suppliers to many mask manufacturers in Spain and Portugal.


Gespap has a structure of five employees located in Barcelona and Tarragona and works with subagents located in different places in Spain and Portugal.


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