Free Lab for your Facemasks

HIFYBER has equipment in its laboratory to measure the penetration capacity and efficiency of masks.

HIFYBER customers can send us their masks for free to find out what filtration efficiency they obtain, and with that, know if they can obtain the certifications.

TSI 8130
Mask testing equipment


Test device: TSI 8130

Air flow tests: 95 lt / min (accredited laboratories also carry out these tests at 30 lt / min and 160 lt / min)

Speed: 15.82 cm / sec.

Aerosol test:% 2 NaCl (salt) and paraffin oil

With this test we can see the penetration (efficiency) and resistances at 95 lt / min. This allows us to evaluate the overall performance of the skins. If the values ​​are not in the range of EN149 standards, we can recommend that you change your production parameters and / or make different combinations of layers. This is a real advantage for mask producers. They will avoid a high cost for testing labs and most importantly, they will avoid wasting time.