Nanofiber media for Facemasks

The best Facemasks are made from nanofibers media!

HIFYBER has developed a revolutionary material for Facemasks; patented nanofiber fabrics with multilayer design, providing exceptional breathability and comfort over long periods of use.

We offer several mask fabric options that effectively capture up to 99% of 0.3 micron particles and achieve 99.7% (BFE) / 99.9% (PFE) filtration performance.

These are the HF-SPS55-FM series, nanofiber media filters produced by electrospinning, used by European mask manufacturers.

How is Nanofiber technology different from conventional Meltblown technology?

HIFYBER facemask medias contribute to the production of durable and highly efficient facemasks by avoiding the use of unnecessary layers and their additional costs.

The conventional material to retain the particles is meltblown. This layer of nonwoven is electrostatically charged, but since the charge of the meltblown tissue is very sensitive, its effect disappears in a short time, which means the loss of the ability to filter the particles.

At this point, the innovative Hifyber nanofiber facemask medias base their efficiency on purely mechanical properties. This translates into stable and long-lasting filtration efficiency, becoming a new solution for manufacturers.

The production process

To create the nanofibers we use Electrospinning technology. Thanks to a potential difference, the nanofibers create networks and overlapping layers on top of a layer of a spunbond fabric. To achieve this, HIFYBER relies on Elmarco’s second-generation machines, who for years have developed needleless electrospinning technology.

HIFYBER’s know-how allows to create a homogeneous surface, controlling the size of the networks and the spaces between the nanofibers. Thanks to this, we are able to manufacture the most efficient, durable and comfortable easy-breathe filter media.

The HIFYBER laboratory

HIFYBER clients can send facemasks free of charge to our laboratory, to do the tests required in the certifications. Learn more about this service!

This service is free and aims to give our customers guarantees that their masks will be approved.


Nanofiber facemask medias have been certified BFE and PFE by Nelsonlab laboratories in the United States. Facemask manufacturers using our nanofiber fabrics will also be able to obtain the certificates.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends an N95 filter facepiece (FFR) respirator that filters out at least 95% of very small particles (0.3 microns), including bacteria and viruses.